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Violet Cooks

Hi! Welcome to Violet Cooks. I’m a healthy food content creator in San Francisco. I’ve always had a passion for food and cooking. During quarantine, I started cooking more and more out of dorm kitchen in college at Vassar and that’s when I started Violet Cooks. At first, I was just posting fun videos of me making tacos and over the years it’s evolved into a full-time job as a food content creator and recipe developer!
A little about me: I live in San Francisco with my boyfriend Nick and my Bernese Mountain Dog Wallace. I love to spend host dinner parties, spend time outside and exercising, and travel! This is where all of my recipes live. Subscribe to my newsletter to get exclusive recipes and more!

Dietary Restrictions

Most of my followers have probably noticed I am gluten-free and dairy-free (mostly dairy-free bc like most lactose-intolerant people I do not take it seriously). In 2008 entire family went gluten-free because of my sister. In high school, I also started experiencing a lot of stomach problems, fatigue, weight issues, and cystic acne and my doctor recommended I go gluten-free as well. Initially, I was really resistant to it because like most people I was a fan of bread and thought the gf diet was kind of a scam. I got blood testing done and had extremely high levels of immune reaction to gluten and had to go gluten-free. It sucked but ultimately almost all of my health issues were fixed. In college, I found out I have the celiac gene from my mom’s side. This past year my grandma passed away from stomach cancer. I know many people struggle with their health and finding gluten-free recipes and as someone who has struggled with it myself

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